We create to detail at every step of the way to design beautiful spaces that compliment your place.
We are a Multidisciplinary firm involved in Interior Designing, Exterior Designing, Construction, Glass & Mirror Design and execution for residential and commercial projects in Kerala, Established in since 2012. D Cariyatid is driven by a team of highly qualified professionals and supervisors.

12 years of experience

D Cariyatid is one of the most reliable interior designers & Glass Designers in Kerala. D Cariyatid made their first step in the interior designing industry more than years ago as a group of interior designers and building enthusiasts that wanted to mould the spaces in a unique and modern way. D Cariyatid Glass & Mirrors are also known to be one of the most reputed and trusted Glass & Mirror designers all over Kerala due to quality and successful timely delivery of projects which help them to gain a competitive edge over other interior designers in Kochi as well as Kerala.

They’re open to a variety of ideas and solutions—there’s never just one idea. That’s important when you’re trying to find that perfect balance.

CEO, DCariyatid

Expert Designers

Breaking free of all kinds of stereotypes, we, at D Cariyatid have come to be known for the Glass designs, Mirror Design, and exceptional Construction of all kinds. With a dedicated and hard-working team of erudite minds, we stop at nothing, and every assignment, no matter how daunting it seems, is culminated into a brilliant success, indisputably making us the best interior designers in Kerala.

Aiming to keep the environmental disturbance to the minimum possible extent so as to exist in ‘co-existence with nature; we aspire to be the best developers. Not only our work practices but the ethics have been molded in such a manner that even our On-Site workers don’t face any harm or any tragic consequence. D Cariyatid has an army of highly intelligent and competitive professionals for designing, decorating, modifying, renovating and redefining the already existing as well as altogether new spaces of commercial as well as residential kinds. 

We are Reformoa

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From Vision to Realization

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A good building is above all a good, solid structure. It is the same for the D Cariyatid Team, we are united and each of our members is important.

Muhammed Ashif, Founder

Our Process

At D Cariyatid we believe a productive and dynamic space is born via a method of exploration, brainstorming, processing, filtering, and filtering again. This proven interior design process includes the following phases:



Our team will conduct visioning sessions where we investigate and explore your goals, listen to your ideas, and most importantly, learn about your company culture.



Our team will conduct visioning sessions where we investigate and explore your goals, listen to your ideas, and most importantly, learn about your company culture.



With final design approved, we place and expedite orders, We creates the products that matches your Residential / Commercial Places.



We coordinate a day, and install it in your home; we place the Glass, Mirrors, furniture, display the art, carefully curate, style and finish your new space with accessories.